Tax Credit Contributions!

Tax Credit Time!
Direct your state tax dollars to support Chaparral High School and so many of its fantastic programs.

Quick Facts:
  • Married couple filing jointly can direct UP TO $400
  • Single filer can direct UP TO $200
  • Support Your Student’s Program … Any dollar amount will help support programs and sports … Basketball – Soccer – Volleyball – Marching Band – Theater – Choir- Tutoring – Field Trips – and so many more!
  • Deadline April 2018 … make your contribution now, or up until the 2017 tax filing deadline (April 2018) and have it count towards your 2017 tax credit.
  • Contribute ONCE or MORE THAN ONCE or RECURRING … you can also donate a little now and a little later, or better yet set-up a monthly auto-debit on the district website. CLICK HERE
  • Tell your AZ Family & Friends & Neighbors … you don’t need to have a student to contribute. Any AZ resident can help improve our school & neighborhood!
  • You can also bring your tax credit contribution (cash or check) to the bookstore. Bring the tax credit form found here