Save the Date: Presentation on Vaping and E-Cigarettes March 6 at 1:30pm

Chaparral would like to extend an invitation to parents to join our teachers and staff for a presentation from the AZ Attorney General’s Office on the dangers associated with vaping on March 6, which is an early release day.

The AGO e-cigarette and vaping presentation is designed primarily for youth from 12-17 to provide an overview of e-cigarette products, how they have developed, where they fall in laws regarding tobacco products, and the questions that have law enforcement and public health officials concerned about their impact on teens.  We will discuss the impact of nicotine on developing brains, the uncertainty around chemicals used as flavoring, the reality of the extremely high nicotine content that state lab testing has found in e-cigarette products confiscated from youth, and the potential for devices to explode.  One of the most effective prevention education strategies for traditional tobacco is to provide youth with information about how the tobacco industry historically targeted youth in its advertising and lied to the public about the addictive and deadly nature of its products.  In this presentation we discuss e-cigarette marketing practices such as cartoon mascots, video game themed liquids, and candy flavors.  We also provide information on the signs and symptoms of nicotine poisoning and addiction and discuss the potential criminal penalties for minors who are caught using or possessing tobacco products.  

Who: Cocopah, Copper Ridge, Chaparral staff, teachers and parents

What: Vaping Presentation by Erika Mansur / Tobacco Enforcement Unit Attorney at Arizona Attorney General’s Office

When: 03/06/2019, 1:30pm

Where: Chaparral Auditorium