Softball Pre-season Conditioning

The Chaparral Softball Team will be holding Pre-Season Softball Conditioning and Open Field Work Outs on Mondays and Wednesdays in January and February.  Conditioning will be from 3:00 – 4:00 pm and Open Field Workouts from 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm.  Please meet at the softball field. No Conditioning or Open Field Workouts on Monday the 18th of January.  Tryouts will begin on Monday February 8th.  Look forward to seeing everyone!

Softball Fundraiser

The Chaparral Softball team is doing a fundraiser at Chipotle on Hayden Rd on Wednesday, January 27th from 4pm-8pm.  Anyone who shows the flyer or tells the cashier they are supporting Chaparral softball, Chipotle will donate 50% to Chap Softball.

Chap Softball Chipotle JPEG

Track and Field

Attention all athletes and parents of athletes coming out for Track and Field in the spring. Please join our NEW remind101. Text 81010 @mrethom. Our new website is under construction and will be up shortly at: 

Thank you and go Chaparral Track & Field we have a very exciting season ahead!

Dual Enrollment Registration – Dec 7

Dual Enrollment Registration – Spring 2016


On December 7, 2015, SCC representatives will be in the Chaparral College & Career Center during the school day to collect students’ dual enrollment registration and tuition payment.  If all the materials, required signatures, and payment are not complete, you will be required to bring the completed registration materials to the SCC Admissions and Records Office before January 15, 2016.  Registration Check List  –Dual Enrollment Spring 2016

Donate your gently used Shoes to Boys & Girls Club

The Boy’s Basketball team is collecting gently used, old shoes for Boys & Girls Club Charity this Thanksgiving season!  Please bring shoes & drop it off to Coach Peterson, Varsity Boys basketball or Boys & Girls Club Box next to the Athletic Department secretaries desk in the front office  by December 1st.  Donations will be presented to the The Boys & Girls Club at our home game December 4th!  Thank you!

Mata Ortiz – Dec 7th Room G149

Mata Ortiz Potter artisans will be visiting the art department at Chaparral on December 7, 2015, room G149 . They will be spending the entire day visiting and sharing their craft with students. They will also bring exquisite wares to sell ranging from $5- $200.Their work is beautiful !  All wares will be for sale!!! If you will be visiting Chaparral to see the pottery, please stop by the main office for a visitors pass. Below is an article with more information.

Mata Ortiz Firing 2Mata Ortiz Olla

The Miracle of Mata Ortiz

Located in the wilds of the northern state of Chihuahua, an area where Pancho Villa once roamed, is the small, once isolated, village of Mata Ortiz. Even now it is only 3 blocks deep and ½ mile long along the abandoned rail line. The San Luis Mountains rise to the north.

Prior to 1976 it was an impoverished, even by Mexican standards, village of woodcutters and cowboys struggling to feed their families. The rail line that, once carried their wood products, now by-passed Mata Ortiz. The dirt road leading to the village from the only paved road, miles away, was pitted with huge potholes that made driving on it an adventure.

The area is rich in archeological history with many ruins near by. The most significant ruin, now protected by a new museum, is Paquime (Casa Grandes) a few miles from Mata Ortiz. Little is known about the ancient people who once lived here except that they produced pottery of exceptional quality. When they disappeared, around the 14th century, so did their pottery art.

The Mata Ortiz “Miracle” occurred when a young woodcutter, Juan Quezada, became intrigued by ancient pottery shards that he found as he worked. They captivated him and he set out to duplicate the beautiful pottery of his ancestors. After many years, using local clays and natural colors that he ground himself and experimenting with firing techniques he began to produce the exquisite pottery that has made Mata Ortiz famous.

The second part of the “Miracle” occurred when anthropologist and art collector, Spencer MacCallum, stopped at a “swap shop” in Deming, New Mexico, USA. As he wandered through the shop his attention was drawn to several pots that he recognized as of exceptional quality and of a completely new style. Initially he thought that they were ancient pots but was told that they were new and had been brought in as trade probably from Mexico. He bought all of them, paying about $18.00 each.

He photographed his pots and then set off into Mexico to find the woman who made the pots. He assumed that it was a woman because so many of the great potters have been females. He showed his photographs at every town he visited trying to find out if anyone knew their origin. The name Mata Ortiz was suggested several times so off he headed to find Mata Ortiz, wherever that was. Arriving at Mata Ortiz he showed his photos to a local child. The child said “Follow me” and directed MacCallum to his first meeting with Juan Quezada, a male potter.

Thus began a partnership that introduced Mata Ortiz to the art world. MacCallum brought Quezada throughout the United States where he had museum exhibits and successful sales. Now comes the third part of the “Miracle”.

Quezada, now becoming re-known and successful, could’ve kept his art to himself and controlled the market. Instead, he set out to share his art and to teach many others in his village so that they could also support their families through pottery.

As a result of his generosity there are now more than 350 artists, both men and women, producing pottery. Each adds his own touch and each has developed his own variation on the style. Thus quality and creativity has been maintained and new techniques and designs come out every year. Now almost every household invites you in to see, and buy, their own pottery. Competition, in the American sense, does not exist. Here, everyone helps each other out.

ALAC (Arizona Latino Arts and Culture Center), 147 E. Adams in downtown Phoenix is now featuring the exquisite pottery of Mata Ortiz, Mexico (with which we are involved). We currently have a large window display and will have our own section of this large gallery. There will be several demonstrations of their techniques. This beautiful pottery is now recognized and valued throughout the art world. Please stop in and see all the beautiful arts of the Latino world.

Lupe Soto and her family, whose pots you are now seeing are well known artists. She and her husband Juan Mora and their sons have each developed their own variations on the style. Their pottery is characterized primarily by traditional colors and paintings of animals that they see in their daily lives such as horses, cattle, eagles, butterflies, birds, deer, snakes, bears etc.  They also produce beautiful black on black pots with free-hand drawn geometric designs.

They have their own small gallery in Mata Ortiz. However, in the spirit of cooperation with their neighbors, when they bring their pots for sale to the United States they bring many of their neighbor’s pots also. The original pots were unsigned but now each artist signs his or her pots, usually on the bottom. Rather than seeing their neighbors’ pots as competition they see it as a way to help their community.

Lupe and her family are generous with their time and their artistic gifts. For many years now they have given pottery demonstrations to metropolitan Phoenix high school art students. They bring their own supplies and spend 1-2 days at each school teaching hands on classes to the students. Their English is very limited. However, through their interpreter they answer any questions and give guidance on the techniques. If you would like them to come to your school, please contact Leo Hernandez 602-359-9628.

Mata Ortiz pottery is now included in most major art museums collections and in many private art collections. It is recognized and appreciated worldwide.



Toy Drive

Chap Art Club is having its annual toy drive for our Harmon Library Breakfast with Santa. These children live in extreme poverty and really look forward to this event. Bring a new unwrapped $10 toy to Ms. Warner’s room G206 or drop off in the office labeled for Ms. Warner. Please deliver toys by Dec. 2nd


The band is selling Butterbraids!

They are a delicious pastry that serve 11 people. They store easily in your freezer until you are ready to use. Simply set up, let rise, then bake.

They come in many flavors like apple, cherry, cinnamon, cream cheese, and bavarian. Cost is $12. Order by 11/23 with delivery after school in the band room on 12/9. To order contact any band member, Mrs. Mireau or the booster president. Thank you