Spring Fundraiser 2018
Teacher Wishlists

For the spring fundraiser we are focusing on raising money for teacher wish list items. All teachers and staff  (counselors, nurse, librarian, etc) are asked what items they would like to have in their classrooms to help them make their teaching come alive and give our students the best experience possible! Then CHAPTS volunteers gather up the information and we have an donations for parents to fund the items. Once an item is funded either the teacher or CHAPTS will purchase the item and the teacher starts using it in their classroom!

In past years we have funded: a ceramic kiln, photo dryer,  printers, laps tops, mitosis slides, book alarm for the library, POS system for the student run store, ice machine for the science department, many books are other supplementary teaching items!

Look for more information on the 2018 spring fundraiser after school starts!