icon_conversationFrequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. What does the acronym CHAPTS stand for and what does CHAPTS do?
A. Excellent question!  CHAPTS stands for “Chaparral High Association of Parents & Teachers.” It is composed of all Chaparral parents who join each school year and is administered by approximately 50 Chaparral parents serving in various capacities from Executive Officers to Board Members to Committee Chairpersons. Its mission is to support the Chaparral community through fund-raising, volunteering time, and allocating funds for the benefit of all students. Please continue to visit the website (www.CHAPTS.org) on a regular basis to keep informed of the happenings and opportunities around campus.

Q. Why Should I join CHAPTS?  Aren’t tax dollars supposed to pay for public education?
A. The fact is that the funds our district receives from the State are insufficient.  Sadly, Arizona ranks 49th in the nation in spending per pupil and our school district has faced many challenges.  View CHAPTS as your Educational Booster Club.  All Chaparral students, teachers, and parents benefit directly from CHAPTS. Your contribution helps continue to provide a well-rounded educational environment by supporting various Chaparral programs and activities. Your donations stay at Chaparral and benefit Chaparral.

Q. What did CHAPTS fund?
A. Through the generous support of our CHAPTS members and sponsors, CHAPTS contributes to staff development, pays for a part-time office aide and library aide, pays registration fees so that teacher’s and staff can attend approved conferences, provides funds for staff/teacher hospitality events which are held monthly, provide additional technology, books, magazine subscription and other items, underwrites a portion of the student publication Flames for classroom support, and underwrites a portion of Project Graduation.

Q. Is a parent required to contribute?
A. Required?  No.  Encouraged?  Yes.  The programs and opportunities at Chaparral are excellent. By donating money or volunteering time, you will help to maintain the high standards of those programs and opportunities.

Q. How much am I expected to contribute and will I be asked to contribute more than once?
A. Every single dollar helps our school, so every donation is significant.  Parents who consider their child’s educational environment to be a priority will do their best to make a donation to help underwrite Chaparral’s needs which benefit every student.  We strive to have 100% parent participation. Throughout the year CHAPTS sponsors various fundraisers and events.  Be sure to check the CHAPTS website frequently for upcoming events.  We also have opportunities for easy contributions such as having your grocery customer card linked to Chaparral (see Fundraising tab) and many other passive fundraisers.

Q. How do I volunteer my time at Chaparral?
A. Click on the Volunteer Tab for the list of volunteer opportunities, committees, volunteer forms and contact information.