Volunteer Opportunities

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Health Screening Volunteers Needed – Tuesday Sept 26, 2017

Volunteers are needed to assist with health screening. The nurses will assign you a task and give you instructions.  Click here to Volunteer and to find out more.

Library Volunteer s Needed – Ongoing

Volunteers are needed in the library to assist students, re-shelve books and help the librarian with projects.  You can volunteer weekly or bi-monthly for 2 hours shirts.  Click here to Volunteer and to find out more.

Hospitality/Teacher Appreciation Volunteers Needed – Events throughout the year

Volunteers are needed bring food (store bought or homemade) to the 7 or 8 teacher appreciation events held throughout the year.  Click here to Volunteer and to find out more.

Project Grad Volunteers – Feb to May; the event is on May 24, 2018

CHAPTS provides volunteers for Project Grad. All parents are encouraged to volunteer or serve on a committee. Committee’s will start meeting in February. We especially need underclass parents to volunteer. Thank you for your help!  Click here to Volunteer and for more information